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Drink Specials

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Watch your favorite teams on a 106" screen projector

About Us

days end staffFor over 25 years Days End Tavern has been a part of the Central MA bar scene. We are a friendly, come as you are kind of place where eventually everyone will know your name. We are located conviniently off of I 395 (click here for directions) and offer plenty of free parking. We offer a number of beers on draft and in bottle along with your favorite adult drinks and wines by the glass, all at very reasonable prices. We have just completed major renovations to both floors of our building. Kick ass live bands are being added to our entertainment schedule complimenting our Thursday night DJ and Friday night Karaoke acts. For sports enthusiasts our flat screen HD tv's are fed by Direct TV including our 106" HD projection system which will be installed in our second floor lounge area making gameday a whole new experience. We also offer pool, darts, electronic bowling and Golden tee golf gaming machines. Our internet based Jukebox is state of the art and allows you to listen to ten's of thousand of songs. We have free Wi-Fi internet access, Keno, lottery and scratch tickets are also availible. Come and meet the friendly staff at Days End Tavern and see for yourself why for over 25 years this has been Oxfords favorite enetrtainment spot.

"Meet the Team"


Marci Leonard:

Favorite Drink : cosmo
Best Pick Up Line : Do you want to go streaking ?
Superpower: be able to read peoples minds
Color crayon : hmmmmm toss up between red and purple I cannot choose !!!!!!!!!
Celebrity Crush : Brz ad Pitt " I love him"
Embarrassing Moment : my hair catching on fire by a candle right before Easter dinner " never had so many liquids thrown at me at once " So much for having a good hair that day or for the next 3 months by the time my hair grew back !

Kelly Decoteau

Favorite Drink : Stoli Raz & Sprite ... no ... Pinot Grigio ... no ... Margaritas! ... too many choices.
Best Pick Up Line : You have eyes like a Husky.
Superpower: I wish I could teleport so I wouldn't have to worry about the long drive home after a night at Days.
Color crayon : Periwinkle ... No hidden meaning here. It's just a nice color and it's fun to say.
Celebrity Crush : John Corbett ... no ... Paul Rudd ... no ... Jeremy Piven! ... again, too many choices.
Embarrassing Moment : I think I embarrass myself at least once per shift! I'm such a klutz. It's all part of my charm.


Heather Perry

Favorite Drink : Piece of Ass
Best Pick Up Line : If I was single I’d be closer to you than 2 coats of paint on the same house
Superpower : X ray vision
Color crayon : White
Celebrity Crush : Sergio
Embarrassing Moment : After exiting the ladies room realizing that the back of my jeans were wet after unsuccessfully hovering after a few drinks.


Dennis Britt

Favorite Drink : Bud Light
Best Pick Up Line : Do you mind if i stare at you up close instead of from across the room.
Superpower: Fly
Color crayon : Red
Celebrity Crush : In love with Marissa Miller. She's Hot
Embarrassing Moment : Being asked (ahem forced) to parade around in a size small tank top worn by the female bartenders at Days End

Jessica Hess

Favorite Drink : Crown and Ginger
Best Pick Up Line : "I'm not feeling myself today, Can I feel you?"
Superpower: Invisibility
Color crayon : Bittersweet
Celebrity Crush : Tom Selleck!
Embarrassing Moment : Mighta sorta been drunk, I heard my phone ringing in my friends truck but I couldn't find my phone! I searched the entire car as my friend laughed at me! It somehow went on speaker phone when I got an incoming call.... I could NOT find my phone..... I later found it in my jeans friend knew it was there the whole time!

Kellie Coghlan

Favorite Drink : margarita on the rks w/salt
Best Pick Up Line : i have two. You are the prettiest girl in this bar..its usually joe who tells me that right after he tells it to marci lol and Does this rag smell like cloroform?
Superpower: to immeadiately make people stop talking...
Color crayon : aqua marine
Celebrity Crush : JUST RECENTLY edward cullen
Embarrassing Moment : i went to the beach and my price tag was still hanging from my bathing suit (thanks michelle)

287 Main Street Oxford, MA 01540 (508) 987-1006